C2Skame : Jeux Skame et poésies

C2Skame : Jeux Skame et poésies

I do present me : I'm Steph Skame !

Hey ! Have a nice day from San Diego (california) ! To present me :

(Watch and listen above, please).


In first : My name does pronunce "Step Skaim".


In second : My last photos !


Votre photo PARTOUCHE - Forges-les-Eaux.jpg


In third : My poem in french, I do prefer " Amitié et fol amour !"


In fourth : My first burlesc movies in french !


In fifth : My song, I do prefer ! "I'm Lucky and I do Stricke !"


In sixth : My first try singing ! Awful !


In seventh : Such kind music is mine ! Yon can appreciate.


And also watch at " Sailor, soldier and soft".

That's yet ! Next time, more informations ... .

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